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Anyone that has worked in the field of sales for almost any amount of time may have heard this phrase. "If there is a constant ask the question, you will never get an answer. I don't mean to sound preachy, however , that same phrase is true of life in general, but that's for another time. The reason that phrase works so well in sales is it tells you where you are inside the sales process. So communicating with them that help close deals are defiantly important, right say?

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So where does communicating with them come into play with online sales? You are not sitting in front of the prospect, now how can you apply this same principle to online? The answer is easy. People that are looking to be sold want reassurance. At this time this isn't making a large amount of sense, but it will shortly. Used correctly with your website or landing pages, these next two questions can seriously improve your conversions from lookers to buyers. And, is not that what we all want, right?

In case you ask these two questions I will be about to give to you, with the right time in any sales presentation, you should have your prospect better becoming a customer than if you do not. Ok, ok... these questions I have been discussing are:

Question #1: "If I possibly could would you?" Now used correctly for your situation, it would sound something such as this;

"If I could teach you a way to increase your sales online with no effort, would you buy my program?" Remember, you aren't sitting in front of them, nevertheless the answer is still precisely the same... and yes, you still don't realize an answer. Your prospect will solution to themselves whether you are there or otherwise. And the answer is simple... "Well, yes I would".

Now, the next one is the psychological clincher.

Question #2: "Now you agreed earlier that if I could, you would, remember?" Again, used correctly for the situation, it would sound something such as this;

"Act now while you will find spots available!... just click here to get our full instructional training... Stop, wait prior to deciding to move on. Remember at first when I asked you a question? What was that question? I'll remind you, the issue was; if I could demonstrate a way to increase your sales with little if any effort, would you buy my program? I'd like you to answer that question now. Did I come finished my part of the bargain?"

Now granted, you will not be converting 100% of your readers, but, using those two phrases, will increase your conversions by one more 10% to 15%. The numbers are higher, on the other hand want you to believe me first. I might rather look like quite the hero than a SLUG. Just those two little phrases will provide you with an additional 1 to 1.5 sales for every single 10 clicks. If one makes $30.00 per purchase and obtain 10 hits a day, you just increased your income by $210 per week! Imagine 500 hits every day!

To wrap it up as to the "why it works", it is psychological. People are people. They all react much the same way, especially when they are there for a similar reason. They are on your own site because they want something. Commitment is definitely a powerful psychological enigma, but it's also almost a binding reassurance. Before you or not, you have built loyalty with your prospect and they now feel a twinge of obligation and also satisfaction that you have what they are looking for. That twinge won't work 100% of the time, but remember, they are there for a reason. They are looking for something and more likely than not, that twinge is enough to get them to pull the trigger.

I will leave you with this thought: if you never ask you will never be told no. Ask and you will be amazed!

Read these 2 questions again, and think about your reaction should you be reading a web page. You can achieve your individual profitable online marketing business so long as you are willing to do the work, not get discouraged and love whatever you do.

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